Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge: I Am A Reading Challenge Addict

Reading Challenge Addict
This is technically not a reading challenge per se, but more of a way to keep track of all of my reading challenges for the year. Yes, I am a Reading Challenge Addict. This challenge is hosted by Cheryl from CMash Loves to Read and Gina from Hott Books. I don't remember how many I signed up for last year, much less completed, but I did manage to keep the number this year at eight reading challenges, which puts me at the level of "On The Roof." There's no telling if I will sign up for any more at this point, there's just something about reading challenges that I can't resist! Being a follower of the site A Novel Challenge doesn't help, either. My left sidebar will also keep track of my reading challenges throughout the year.

Here is my present list of reading challenges for 2011:

1. Off The Shelf Reading Challenge (15 books)

2. Read-A-Myth Reading Challenge (8 books)

3. Strong Heroine Reading Challenge (12 books)

4.  Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge (10 books over 69)

5. I Want More Reading Challenge (8 books)

6. What's In A Name Reading Challenge (6 books)

7. Foodie Reading Challenge (6 books)

8. Twenty-Eleven Reading Challenge (20 books)

9. Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge (9 books)


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