Saturday, January 15, 2011

Same Blog - New Look, New Name!

I have spent many hours perched on my stool, diligently working hard on a new design for my blog for the last month or so, and it's finally time for me to reveal it to my oh-so-devoted fans (who of course have nothing better to do than wait around for it). I fixed some of the suble problems I had with my old design, as well as learned quite a bit more about HTML and CSS code so that I could actually say that I did it all myself, yes I did! I'm too broke to pay anyone to do the design for me, and now hubby says I should get one of those big fancy books that teach me EVERYTHING about designing a website so I don't have to use Blogger. Uhhhhh... yea, that's way too intimidating for me right now.

PLUS, now my blog title has morphed from JacobsBeloved to JacobsBeloved's Books. While I had orginally intended for my blog to be a sort-of journal, the bookworm in me kind of took over. I also found some people were confused about the meaning of the title, which btw, is a Biblical reference - not a Twilight reference. The title makes more sense now as a functional book blog. And don't worry, the url is the same as before. I removed some of the irrelevant features I had displayed on the sides and bottom and beautified the remaining widgets, as well as redesigned the header and blog button.

So take a look around and admire my handiwork before snagging my button from the left-hand side to show your support of my new design!

And feel free to give your opinion whether it be good or bad, I'm open to suggestions!


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