Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 Reading Challenge: Foodie

I found a really unique reading challenge that I just had to participate in for the new year. Foodies are people who love to talk, read, watch food tv, or anything else with a food theme. The Foodie Challenge centers around food writing, which can take the form of a cookbook, a food biography or memoir, or a non-fiction book focused around a specific food, wine, chef or restaurant. Also allowed is a fictional story in which food plays a major role. This challenge is hosted by Margot from Joyfully Retired. I have chosen to participate at the level of Bon Vivant with 4 to 6 books.

1. Just One Taste by Louisa Edwards
2. Holy Guacamole by Dan & Denise Harmer
3. Whole Foods to Thrive by Brendan Brazier
4. 101 Gourmet Cake Bites by Wendy Paul
5. Pumpkin Roll by Josi S. Kilpack
6. Chocolat by Joanne Harris


Grilsgood said...

Sounds like Fun, i will do it

Margot said...

Rachel, I'm so glad you are joining the Foodie's Challenge. We're going to have a great time discovering very good food books from each other. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I like your blog. Nice to meet you.

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