Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog Post Bingo

For the month of April on The Blog Improvement Project, we had to write up to 14 different types of blog posts for the Blog Post Bingo. We were given links to several sites to give us ideas on what to write about for all of these blog posts, such as 20 Types of Blog Posts, The 5 Types of Blog Posts That Experts Write, and All 13 Types of Blog Posts. Of the 14 types that we were challenged to complete, I managed to complete 10 of them. Check them out if you haven't already read them!

1. A Link Post: For the Love of Books:
2. A Short Post: Teaser Tuesday: Between Two Kingdoms
3. A List Post: For the Love of Books: Eco-Libris
4. A Long Post: Liberation Bibliography
5. A Review Post: Review: A Centurion's Wife
6. A Personal Post: We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program...
7. A Resource Post:
8. An Interview Post: Author Interview With Tina Turbin
9. A Profile Post: My Partner, the Book Vixen!
10. A Post Contrasting Two Different Options: To E-Read or Not to E-Read

The person who completes the most types of posts wins a $15 book voucher, and anyone that completes at least 5 different types is entered into a drawing for a second $15 book voucher. I rather enjoyed this challenge since I got lots of new ideas for posts from it, and it forced me to expand on my writing abilities to become more creative. I had ideas for the remaining 4 types of posts, but I ran out of time to act on them. The remaining types were an opinion post, a poll post, a how-to post, and a collation post. I'll be saving those ideas for a rainy day.

Which of my challenge posts did you like the most and why?


Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Congrats on getting 10 done. I had ideas for all of them too, but also ran out of time to execute. But like you said, good posts for a rainy day. I'll be posting the winners sometime later today.

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