Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program...

So I am stuck living at the hospital with my 8-month old baby girl, Shiloh, for the second time since she was born. She is not sick in the conventional sense, but she needs all of these "tests" because she has "muscular weakness." Which means the blog goes on the back-burner.

Even though this wonderfully-upscale hospital does have a computer room, it's not my computer, with all of my files, which means regular blogging is hiatus. BUT, I'm so addicted to this that I am writing a book review long-hand on a piece of paper to bring home for posting later!
Anyways, if you are praying person, please do so for my baby girl. She's quite happy, given the circumstances, but the steady stream of doctors can't really explain yet what is the source of her problems. She can't smile or frown, she cries with her eyes open, sleeps with them partly open, and her eyes don't close completely when "flinching." Her hands also stay in a curled position and drooping, though that seems to be improving the tiniest bit. Her feet also stay turned inward, and she no longer likes to bear weight on her feet, nor can she bend them outward at the ankles. The doctors also noted some smaller differences developmentally with her reflexes and her neck. She had one MRI, a second one is scheduled for Monday, and a EMG is scheduled for Tuesday. It's also important to note that she was born 2 months premature, though she had no major problems at the time, other than the typical jaundice and needing extra oxygen the first day or two. Did I cover everything?
I catch the doctors mumbling big words to each other, and I feel a little like a patient for Dr. House. I love the television show, but who wants to live it?


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