Thursday, June 24, 2010

Please Help!

So I am having major problems with my HTML Layout of my blog, and I have reached a dead end in trying to solve the problem myself. I put together the design of my blog piece by piece, learning as I went and using various sites' directions on how to achieve my goals.
Once upon a time, every element of my blog design operated as expected. Then Blogger changed the template system, and now several elements of my design simply don't work anymore. I used to have dividing lines between each of my sidebar elements, now the bar is missing and all of my sidebar elements are smooshedtogetherveryannoyingly. I even tried substituting a picture in place of the plain line, but it made no difference. Also, I am supposed to have a 4-tab widget on the right bottom side, but instead all of the "tabs" are separate widgets lined up down the right column and I don't like it one bit. I went over all of the html that originally worked just fine with the site that I obtained it from, and even though I have not changed a thing, it just flat won't work anymore. I tried messaging the website's owner, but he has never emailed me back.
So what I am asking is if any of my wonderful readers can help me with my HTML Layout problems. I do NOT want to change over to a new layout, since I worked so hard to get this far.

So Please Help!


FeliciaE said...

okay, actually it looks good. granted there is no dividing l ine but nothing is squished when i pull it up. it looks like someone hit enter a few times before they added the next widget..does that make sense.

another words it looks like this




with a nice pink space between.

With the way it is now I wouldn't add a line, it would make it look cluttered.

Now what widgets are supposed to be in a tab?

Also I would recommend maybe changing your archive layout...its really long and makes the page seem unbalanced.

if you want i can take a look at the html and see what i can do

Rachel said...

The widgets that follow "Labels" are all supposed to be in one box with tabs, and you just click on the tab to bring that tab's content to the front - Buzz, Posts, Blog, Archive. This is where I got the HTML from:

FeliciaE said...

okay ill see what i can figure out...later today.

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