Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Choose Your Vanity

I must confess I have a secret vanity - I surf the web like many window shop, spending hours clicking from site to site examining and reading about all the various things that I want, but do not have the resources to obtain. (Food and power outrank books and kitchen toys!) Sometimes my husband indulges my fantasies, and sometimes I must relegate it to a virtual wishlist for future use.
Today I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to do a product review for! I was so excited I spent several hours perusing all they had to sell in their 200+ CSN Stores until I finally decided to pick from their selection of kitchen aprons, since I am well overdue for one myself. I have a bad habit of marking my clothing with whatever I happen to be cooking afterall. I have yet to settle on just one, so I need your help!
I narrowed my favorites down to eight (yes, eight) aprons, and I need you, my most loyal readers, to tell me which apron would suit me the best! Each apron picture is numbered 1 through 8, so just comment with the number you like. If you feel up to it, you can even tell me why! Then stay tuned for the winning apron!


Perhaps I will even post a picture of myself wearing the beautiful apron for you to gawk at!


FeliciaE said...

oh aprons how i love its a hard choic from 4-8!

So i am going to just randomly pick a number...6. i like it! its not tooo girly but its still girly and the colors are great.

oh and will you tell me how got in with CSN?

Candace said...

Well, I spent hours perusing CSN myself when offered a review. The aprons you picked are great and I have to confess I've entered many a contest to win one of the flirty aprons! #8 is possibly my favorite, although #6 is certainly a close second!


I like the blue one (of course). ;0)

Lisa R said...

I've also spent way to much time looking at these aprons. I want to get matching ones for me and my granddaughter. The chocolate taster one would fit her to a T.

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

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