Thursday, June 10, 2010

Has This Happened to You?

So I am about seven months into this book blogging business, and sure, I may be an amatuer in many ways, but I'm not stupid about certain formalities when it comes to reviews and the relationship between author/publicist/agent and book blogger.
It is dishonest, disrespectful, and unprofessional to request a book blogger to review your book, then turn around and edit that review so as to neglect to include the negative parts of the post when reposting that review on the book's own website! I make it very clear in my Disclosure Policy that I give my honest opinion in my reviews, whether positive or negative. It has been my understanding that any review is a good review, as it generates publicity and public awareness of the book amongst a sea of book choices. When requesting reviews from book bloggers, it is the responsibility of the publicist to make that clear beforehand if he or she wants the review tailor-made to certain specifications. It is also the responsibility of the publicist to gain permission to "edit" said reviews, as well, as this can trespass on issues of copyright. I am biting my tongue over the name of what review of mine was "edited" on another book's site, as it has been removed since I posted a complaint, but I know in the future I will very likely not be accepting any other requests from this publishing house for reviews. I believe that my reviews are my intellectual property, and only I have the final decision on my work, as it states on my page, Blog With Integrity. But my full review of the unnamed book is remaining here in its entirety, as well as on Amazon.

As a fellow book blogger, as this ever happened to you?

How would you handle such a situation?


Loren said...

Wow Rachel !!! I am shocked! and so disappointed! I am not sure how I would have handled that situation but it sounds to me like you did all you COULD do. I would definitely NOT be accepting any further books from this publishing house in the future though! I would say you have blogged, reviewed and followed up even now with complete INTEGRITY!

Have a blessed weekend!

jacobsbeloved said...

Thankyou so very much for your support, Loren. I will not be accepting any more reviews from them.

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