Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Hurry Less Worry Less for Moms by Judy Christie

Book Details:
Hurry Less Worry Less for Moms
By Judy Christie
Genre: Christian Living
Published 2011, Abingdon Press
Paperback, 155 pages
ISBN: 9780687659159

          Author Judy Christie contends that, while the perfect mom doesn't exist, there are successes in the lives of many mothers who have learned to rely upon God and to get back up when they stumble. Within this book readers will recognize many of those kinds of achievements within their own families and find new inspiration and encouragement for moving forward with greater faith, joy, and love.
This is a short book with only 10 chapters and each chapter reads like a devotional. The chapters each begin with an "Encouraging Word," an "Everyday Step" and "A Mom's Thoughts," and ends with "Mom's Quiet Corner," which contains a summary of the chapter in the form of a "Busy Mom's Tip," "A Mom's Special Scripture," "Mom to Mom," and a "Prayer for the Journey." Peppered throughout each chapter are related verses and useful advice from the author and other anonymous mothers. Each chapter also encourages journaling with appropriate questions, plus the book ends with a Discussion Guide that is meant to be used in a group setting among other moms.
I enjoyed reading this book slowly, savoring the words and advice from so many other moms. With three daughters of my own, all under the age of five, I can use all of the tips on less hurry and worry I can get. I may even pass this book on to other moms who need the same kind of encouragement that I got from reading this lovely book.

The Cover: The photo on the cover gives me a feeling of peace and relaxation, which is exactly the focus of the book.

First Line: "As a young working mother, a college friend found herself with an important meeting on her schedule -- and no babysitter."
This is a scenario that many mothers can relate to, and is a great way to begin the book.

Favorite Quote: "Know that God's arms are wrapped around you in the same way that you comfort your own child."

*I received this book free of charge from the publisher for review purposes.*


Carol said...

I like this one too. I think it's one I'll go back and read again, a little slower this time.

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