Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Post: 10 Powerful Tips for Training Unstoppable Children by Patti Gibble

Today's guest is Patti Gibble, author of 10 Powerful Tips for Training Unstoppable Children. Her topic of choice is "How to Get a Good Man." Patti Gibble has a Master of Education degree and Bachelor of Arts in Education. She is a trained ministry worker who has directed Children’s worship and Kids’ church programs at a mega church. Patti grew up in Orlando, Florida where she worked at Disney World. She now writes books and spends time with the Holy Spirit in Tucson, Arizona.Here is a synopsis of her new book:
          10 Powerful Tips for Training Unstoppable Children is a must have book for parents, teachers, grandparents and anybody who is involved in training children. Unstoppable children are children who will not be stopped by the enemy, but by the power of God will push through and obtain the victorious life. Use these ten powerful tips to help give children the opportunity to live the life God has planned for them. Powerful tips like love, honor, and salvation are so essential for kids to succeed in this world. Buy this book today – for yourself, your children and other people that you love. You will not regret it!
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Connect with the author:

                                                         How to Get a Good Man

I have been married for 25 years to a good man and he takes care of me! This man works while I stay home, take care of my daughter, volunteer at the local church and write my books. I am very happy with my man and I highly recommend that you get a good man of your own.
When I was younger, inexperienced and looking for a man, I took some advice from some ladies who were older and wiser than I. This advice saved my life! The first piece of advice I got was to marry a man who was a Christian. To do this I needed to find a man who truly was Christian in word and deed. He needed to be a man who followed the principles written in the Bible. I needed a man who would be committed to a long term relationship with one woman, a man who believed in the institution of marriage, and one who would be loyal and faithful to one woman at all costs. The second piece of advice I got was to marry a man that was younger than I. The woman giving the advice said that women live longer than men, so I should marry a man who was younger than I and then he would maybe not die early. The last piece of advice I listened to was to marry a man who was not necessarily a charming, good-looking guy with no substance behind his looks. I was told that good looking guys may be appealing but the appeal wears off and then you are stuck with a fool who can’t get a job anywhere and he would end up at local gas station pumping gas for the rest of his life. So I went looking for a man who met all three of these requirements.
To insure that I married a Christian man I was set on entering a relationship with only Christian men. I would date a man once, find out if he met my standards and then dump any guy who did not meet the criteria after only one date. I was radical about my standards. I did not spend time looking for a younger guy because this was not the top on my list but when I found out that a guy was younger I was happy to date him. Finally, I always had in the back of my mind that good looking guys may not make the best husbands unless there was something behind all the muscles and charm. I had to dig deep on this one to find out whether the guy was serious about his life and future or just all full of hot air.
I found everything I wanted in the man I married. He is a Christian. He is loyal, faithful and has high standards. He is 4 plus years younger than I; he is smart, has a good job and funny. He is my big teddy bear! And I like it that way.

©2012 by Patti Gibble


Terri said...

What an adorable story. I love it. I always love those little slices of life that are sharred! You did good, girlie! Goes to show you good choices pay off! :)

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