Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Post: Paradigm Shift by Misa Buckley

Today's guest is Misa Buckley, author of Paradigm Shift, her second published story. Here is a quick blurb of her new novel:

          Observatory tour guide Megan Shaw has always had stars in her eyes, so when she all but runs down the otherworldly Raul, she barely blinks. It doesn't hurt that Raul is hot - whether in his human form or his natural one - and that there's an immediate mutual attraction.
But Raul is on the run from his alien overlords and soon Megan finds herself fighting against a foothold situation with nothing more than a couple of cattle prods and Muse for soundtrack.
However Earth is not the only planet at risk and with his species desperate to escape generations of oppression, can she really trust Raul? Or will his loyalties shift as easily as his physical appearance?

How to Save the World

What would you do if you uncovered an alien plot to take over the world? Hide in a bunker? Call the MIB? Or would you stand up and take them on yourself?
Megan Shaw, the main character of PARADIGM SHIFT, does the latter. As a huge fan of science fiction shows, she jumps at the chance to star in her own, but quickly realises that real life doesn’t always imitate art and there are no second takes.
Still, she refuses to back down and, along with her alien visitor Raul, sets out to save the world using whatever comes to hand. So what if that happens to be cattle prods and a generator? If it works, it works. Right?
Her journey is fraught with danger and adventure, her choice of conveyance is an old MG Midget, and her soundtrack is Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars. Her sidekicks are a shape-shifting alien and a student named after a Paranoid Android. Her life is never going to be the same, but some things are necessary if you’re going to be Earth’s newest saviour.
Megan’s up for the task. What about you?

Bio: Misa grew up fascinated by space and its possibilities. She wrote her first novel in 2007 for NaNoWriMo, and while she didn’t finish it she was bitten by the writing bug. PARADIGM SHIFT is her second published story, with her first, IRONHAVEN, published in 2011 by Decadent Publishing.
Now contracted with the Champagne Book Group, she has a Steampunk Paranormal out July 2012 and an “Urban Sci Fi” out March 2013. She also works at Champagne as a cover artist.
When she’s not writing (which is rarely), she can be found herding her children, chasing after her husband, or watching her favourite shows on TV. She can be found on Twitter as MisaBuckey and the quickest way of getting her attention is to mention Cliff Simon.

Thank you for stopping by, Misa. Your new book sounds great!


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What a way to save the world! :)

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