Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review: The Comeback Cowboy by Cathy McDavid

The Comeback Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance)Book Details:
The Comeback Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance)
By Cathy McDavid
Genre: Romance
Published 2011, Harlequin
Paperback, 219 pages
ISBN: 9780373753499

          It isn't easy for a man to get back in the saddle after he's lost his competitive edge. But fallen rodeo star Ty Boudeau refuses to give up his shot at the World Championship. Even if it means taking lessons at a glorified dude ranch from a woman who can rope a steer better than a man. As owner of Cowboy College, Adele Donnelly makes it a rule never to get involved with her guests. Especially not a famous and footloose cowboy whose life is all about traveling the rodeo circuit. But Ty is more than just another handsome face…and getting pregnant with his baby wasn't in Adele's long-term game plan. Because men like him can't be tied down. And she's not used to family sticking around.
The book starts out with much promise, as Ty and Adele have instant chemistry. Even though both have reservations about their relationship, it is obvious to the reader that the pair are good for each other, both romantically and on the ranch.
Ty is easily a rather likable guy, as he is able to humble himself enough to seek help for his career, as well as put aside his own competitiveness for the sake of the concerns of others. Adele, on the other hand, never really seems to mature beyond who is she is introduced in the beginning as. She uses the demise of her parents' marriage and her mother's promiscuous behavior to validate her avoidance of Ty, and later, her lies to him. Even when her mother comes to make amends and change her lifestyle, and she learns more about her parents' marriage, Adele still continues in her own bad behavior. Her behavior is also rather hypocritical from what she claims to want from life.
The ending was a disappointment simply because Adele never really changed her behavior - she only did what she was supposed to thanks to her meddling grandpa. If she had actually managed to make herself stop telling lies without being cornered into it, I likely would have liked her more.

The Cover: The cover is a generic "sexy cowboy" image, with nothing to specify details of the plot, so it does not rank very high with me.

First Line: "Welcome to Seven Cedars Ranch, home of Cowboy College."
While this is a rather utilitarian introduction to the book, there is not much to entice the reader passed this first sentence.

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*I received this book free of charge from the publisher for review purposes.*


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