Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

Book Details:
Ghost Town
By Rachel Caine
Genre: Fantasy
Published Nov. 2010, Penguin Group
Hardback, 335 pages
ISBN: 9780451231611

          While developing a new system to maintain the town's defenses, genius student Claire Danvers discovers a way to use the vampires' powers to keep outsiders from spreading news of Morganville's "unique" situation. But when people in town start forgetting who they are-including the vampires-Claire has to figure out how to pull the plug on her experiment before she forgets how to save herself...and Morganville.

I have to say, I really hope this series never truly ends, because I don't think I could ever get tired of reading about the escapades of Claire and friends in the supernatural town of Morganville, Texas.
In this book, Rachel Caine uses a unique form of mass amnesia to show the reader what Morganville was like before Claire showed up, including many of the different characters that play a part in the series. After Claire is forced to fix the machine that protects the town -- which proves once again how big her brain really is -- amnesia and Myrnin-style craziness erupt in Morganville. Claire, of course, is the only one who correctly guesses the source of the madness, though the more people forget, the harder it is for her to get to the machine and find a way to repair it.
If a giant broken machine is not enough to keep Claire busy, Amelie and Oliver are also in a power struggle for control of the town that not even mass amnesia can stop. The power struggle also reveals an interesting twist in their relationship that could be useful in future plots. Allegiances are also revealed, as well as the roles that a few of the vampires play under each of the two heads' discretion. One abhorred character is also conveniently killed off in the middle of this power struggle.
The mass amnesia also shows how some of the characters are predisposed to behaving a certain way, even if they can not remember certain things about themselves. Michael and Eve still have chemistry, as do Shane and Claire, and Monica is still the same - though a younger, flouncier version.
For the most part, the way the book ends is almost exactly how I predicted it would be, except for one crucial detail that made my jaw drop in shock. I really need to get my hands on the next book, Bite Club.

The Cover: Claire is at her best in this photo, though I never did figure out if there was any significance to the necklace she is wearing on the cover.

First Line: "'Oh, this doesn't sound like a good idea,' Claire said, looking down at the paper that had been shoved into her hand by a passing student."
Now this is a great way to start a book - especially since I know when Claire says something is bad, it's really bad.

Favorite Quote"I'm worried he's going to ... do something crazy." 
"He lives in a hole in the ground, dresses funny, and occasionally eats his assistants," Eve said. "Define crazy."


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