Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: The Doctor's Forever Family by Marie Ferrarella

The Doctor's Forever Family (Harlequin American Romance)Book Details:
The Doctor's Forever Family (Harlequin American Romance)
By Marie Ferrarella
Genre: Romance
Published 2011, Harlequin
Paperback, 219 pages
ISBN: 9780373753505

          Big-city radiologist Dan Davenport is ready to take New York by storm. But when an accident robs him of the most important person in his life, he decides to honor his brother by taking his place as the town physician in Forever, Texas—temporarily. He's never been fond of commitment, but when he meets a beautiful young mother struggling to get back on her feet, he reconsiders.
Tina Blayne can't afford to open her heart to another man, especially one itching to leave town at the first opportunity. Yet when she begins working at Dan's clinic, she realizes the doctor's got wounds of his own…wounds that require her special brand of healing.
I try to make a point of posting a review of everything I read, even cheesy Harlequin romances. Unfortunately, I do not have a whole lot to say about this one. The romance was sweet, and at times sexy, but it was predictable that the two main characters would end up together, since that is the focus of the book. My favorite character was actually the owner of the diner, simply because she seemed to be the one really running the town. I found the doctor to be melodramatic and behave at times as if he had a split personality, which was kind of a turn-off for me. I felt sorry for the baby, since he rarely seemed to see much of his mom at all, what with her passing him off to the baby-sitters so she could go fool around with the doctor. Tina could have planned the motherhood vs. dating aspects better by having Dan come to her place instead, and then Dan could have spent some time with the baby, too.

The Cover: The people in the photograph look like the main characters in the book, so it does apply - and that baby is adorable.

First Line: "So this is Forever."
A cheesy opening line for a cheesy name for a town.

Read For: Off the Shelf Challenge

*I received this book free of charge from the publisher for review purposes.*


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