Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Google Way

Today, I got an invite from my book blogging friend, The Book Vixen, to the new public beta Google+. Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook, a social network that utilizes all of the other features accessible through Google. While it has some similarities to Facebook, such as the Stream operating like Facebook's News Feed, Google+ tackles the problem of friend's lists with its customizeable Circles. It also has unique features, such as an image editor, a group video chat called Hangouts, and a recommendation engine called Sparks.
I love all things Google, from using Google Chrome, to my Gmail account, to frequenting Google Images, so I am excited for the possibilities of Google+.
I also added a handy little button to the top right of each post so that you, my lovely readers, can recommend my blog posts to Google+, should you feel so inclined. The button works even if you are not a Google+ member, so no excuses! If you want to know how to add the button to your own blog, learn how here.

If you would like an invite to Google+ from me, comment here with your email, or shoot me an email to: hopester777 at gmail dot com.


The Book Vixen said...

I'm going to look into adding the G+ button to my blog. Thanks for the link!

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