Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Post: Morganna Cork Series by B. Jane Lawson

Today's guest is B. Jane Lawson, author of Over the Cliff's Edge and To the Cliffside. B. Jane Lawson lives in Los Angeles where she is a business woman by day, writer by night and cyclist on the weekends. Her obsessions include Starbucks soy chai lattes, fashion, and music. B. Jane is the author of two novels in the Morganna Cork series.
She has had a life long love affair with novels of all kinds. B. Jane's favorite genres include paranormal romance, historical fiction and true crime. Her favorite authors include Amy Tan, Karen Marie Moning, Pat Conroy, Jane Austen and J.K. Rowling. She loves to travel and her dream vacation is a safari in Africa.

Thank you for stopping by and take it away B. Jane!

          Twenty-four year old Morganna Cork moves to Puesta del Sol after being kicked out of her childhood home. Upon moving into work at the Cliffside Inn, owned and operated by her cousin Maeve Cork, she discovers that Maeve is part of a community known as Magicks. Employed as the chef and with the help of side-kick cum housekeeper, Anya Demidov, Morganna finds herself soon tumbling down a proverbial rabbit hole.
Morganna’s many secrets of the town – not least of which the ominous return of her aunt and villainess Aiofe.
The first two books follow Morganna as she becomes involved with a Magick war, discovers new powers and is lured deeper into her attraction to Callupo Stone, werewolf and candidate for pack leader.
Many fans have asked me about Morganna, and have even gotten a chance to vote for who would play her in a movie on her Pinterest board here. Today, I’ve shared with you the stats on the Morganna Cork “Player Card” to get to know her better.

Morganna Cork: Character Stat Cards
Age: 24
Location: Puesta del Sol, California
Occupation: Head Chef, The Cliffside Inn
Magick: Healing, Invisibility, Telepathy
Love Interests: Callupo Stone, Niko Vargas, Conleth Duffy
Favorite Band: Mumford & Sons, U2, Sufjan Stevens, Velvet Revolver
Favorite Movie: Hope Floats, all things Sandra Bullock
Favorite Season: Winter
Siblings: None
Alcohol: MacCallan
Favorite Food: sweet butter-poached maine lobster tail, preferably from The French Laundry
Favorite Food to Cook: Beef Bourguignon
Favorite Book: Anna Karenina


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