Friday, October 12, 2012

Guest Post: Dreamworkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams by Meredith Smith

Today's guest is Meredith Smith, Thanks to over 35 years of personal experience and exploration in the dreaming realm, Meredith Smith naturally receives messages from the dream realms to help guide others through their own personal healing process. She has studied and trained in dream Interpretation, archetypes & symbolism, past life regression & hypnosis, Shamanic energy work, and Usui Reiki via workshops, classes, and trainings.
Meredith Smith is an intuitive reader of dreams, images, spirits, and energy--- with her specialized training entwined with her own natural gifts -- she believes that dreams are pieces to one’s own personal soul’s journey (past, present, & future), Meredith Smith guides each dreamer through the process of putting together the symbolic pieces of their amazing magical travels through the astral realms. She is a dream translator, a dream intuitive, a dream traveler, a spirit rescuer, an empath, and a energy healer; Meredith speaks in dreams.

On to you, Meredith!
          It happened to me again. I awoke in a frenzy, popped out of my bed, and stared into the darkness of the night. Eyes wide open. My breath slowed, which made me question if I had even returned back to waking or if this feeling was just another aspect of the dream. Yes, this time it was different; as it was not some family member of someone from Sunday church I barely knew. This time every piece of the dream was peculiar, it was me right there in the same room where someone I knew died. He spoke to me as if we had been great friends for years – but I only recall nods of hello and a quick high school drunken kiss one night at some party (that one moment in time he made my waking reality just a fantastic dream). No… no Meredith… this dream was inconsistent to the others. Maybe because I knew him slightly better. Maybe because he ran in the same circle of friends I hung with when I would go out dancing on a Saturday nights. Maybe it was because he was the boyfriend of someone I knew -- friends of friends --- that one girl I went to school with I always admired; her simple beauty, down to earth personality, in-tack family functioning foundation, and her ability for everyone to listen when she spoke. Or maybe this dream visitation happened because I was one of the only few that appeared to be ‘different’ from the crowd… that is it, it was not the dream that was distinct from the others, but rather it was me that was mismatched living in waking reality. By no means was I normal back then, I hid this in-normality – like an ugly growth sprouting from the side of my stomach, I probably could not hide this oddness within me as well as I would of liked, but no one knew what went on during the darkness of the night ---when they all laid asleep I was roaming through realms beyond our waking life dimensions. Yes, this popular boy I once knew created tragedy for everyone around his death….except for me, and except for him. He was free now, that is what he told me.
I found myself lurking through a dark hallway, only lit by my eyes, towards a door that entered into a bathroom. I knew I had never been here before, and I knew I did not end up here by a happy accident. I felt a pull to walk through the door and into the bathroom. There was a shimmery dull yellow light, but the atmosphere felt slightly heavy. Again I felt an unexplainable pull to move towards the shower curtain; my eyes drawn to stare at the off-white colored 80’s style dark yellow print just hanging there. Ok. Why am I here? I felt a presence, behind me. I spun around to visually see who he was, just like I had always remembered him – gorgeous, sweet, but now I saw that he once was a tortured soul. I smiled feeling a little frightened as he flashed his beautiful smile back.
What is going on? You see you are dead.
Why am I here? I know I did not come searching for you.
I called you here.
Why? How did you know to do that?
They told me. And well I figured it out. You are like me.
And how is that – we are far from alike. You barely even acknowledged me alive.
Yes true. If I connected with you then the truth would exist and I was not sure if the truth was true… or even meant to exist.
Ok, well…. what happened?
Thank you for asking. I committed suicide, right in this room.
I shivered.
See let me show you.
And there he was just as he died -hanging from the sturdy shower pole. I turned my head in fear. Why are you showing me this?
I need you to tell my family I am sorry. Tell them I love them but this lifetime was not for me. Let them know I am free. I feel good and I need to move on. They need to move on.
You just died how can they move on so quickly?
I will not be able to cross without them letting go. I will remain until their grief subsides. Can you do this for me?
No. Everyone will think I am insane. You are freaking me out. Can I go now?
You understand this. Why run from it?
Are you scared?
Not anymore. I always thought you were kind, don’t get caught up in the cross fire of this physical life.
You did.
Yes, but this was my exit out and I took it. What they teach is not all true. You know what this is all really like. We both do. Please they will never “see” me. Help me tell them I am happy and free.
He paused for a moment as I felt a vibrant vibrational field rise above me. The dull yellow lit room did not feel as murky as when I first entered it. I could feel he was different now. Thank You, Meredith. And with those last words he disappeared before my eyes. With a quick spin around the room I was sucked out of the vortex of his energy and thrown back into my own existence.
I woke up. I laid back down scared out of my mind. I had no one in my life to talk about these dreams that appear before me… to share this ability to speak in dreams.
I am not sure how it began as I have always known myself to be this way. I am not sure why I was granted dreaming abilities, as over the years I have just accepted it as part of my life. I wrote DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams as a window into these types of dreams. Sharing this simple fact: Many dreamers do float out of their bodies, astral travelling through realms far beyond the view of our waking minds.  Many of us speak, heal, and help other souls while their physical selves lay deeply at rest.  

Thank you for stopping by, Meredith!


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