Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: If God, Why Evil? by Norman L. Geisler

If God, Why Evil?: A New Way to Think About the QuestionBook Details:
If God, Why Evil?: A New Way to Think About the Question
By Norman L. Geisler
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Published February 2011, Bethany House Publishers
Paperback, 167 pages
ISBN: 9780764208126

          Bestselling author and apologist takes on one of the most difficult questions Christians face. How can an omnipotent, loving God preside over a world filled with evil and suffering? The author's approach is concise, systematic, and clearly communicated, just what Geisler fans have grown to expect. In addition to relying on time-tested solutions to the problem of evil, the author also presents a compelling new way to think about this puzzle.
Norman Geisler takes a very systematic approach to a very broad and generalized question by breaking down the topic of evil into all its facets, such as nature, origin, and purpose. He also works in related topics like miracles and expands on the topics in three appendices. He uses both the rules of logic and debate as well as Bible scripture to support his conclusions.
I have read other books in the realm of Christian Apologetics, but nothing quite so detailed on a single topic as this book. While I was previously familiar with the arguments regarding the problem of evil, this book taught me why those arguments either work or don't work. Without getting into the specifics of what each argument entailed, I can safely say that Geisler did a thorough job of laying to rest the title question and addressing every possible side.
This book would be an excellent addition to any theology book collection.

The Cover: The cover is quite simple, a cloudy view to symbolize spirituality, with a small picture of artwork symbolizing when Cain slew Abel - an act of evil. It's to the point without being ostentatious.

First Line: "In my fifty years of studying difficult questions, none is asked more often than 'If God exists, why is there so much evil in the world?' "
While this is not the first time I have studied this question, I am interested in what Norman Geisler has to say on the subject.

Favorite Quote: "As to why He does not do it more, only an infinite Mind knows exactly how much is enough."

Read For: Off the Shelf Challenge

*I received this book free of charge from the publisher for review purposes.*


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