Thursday, August 4, 2011

End of Pregnancy Slow Down

I am getting to the end of my pregnancy here, and I am noticing that my tiredness (dare I say EXHAUSTION) is taxing me so much that I have almost no drive or desire to write book reviews for my blog, much as I normally love it. Add to that my most recent development of P.U.P.P.P. - a long name for an itchy pregnancy rash that does not disappear until I am no longer preggers - and my world has shrunk down to tending to only the basic daily needs of myself and my family. Reading keeps me sane, but my computer pursuits are limited to mind-numbing games and keeping my inbox clear. I am about four book reviews behind and growing, and the due date is in September, so my posting will be even more sporadic than normal. Hopefully, I will feel more like myself once I have this baby!


The Book Vixen said...

I am so exhausted too. I need a nap. LOL

Rachel said...


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