Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: Daily Guideposts 2011

Daily Guideposts 2011Book Details:
Daily Guideposts 2011
Edited by Andrew Attaway
Genre: Devotional
Published October 2010, Guideposts Books
Hardback, 432 pages
ISBN: 9780824948092


America's favorite devotional, now in its 35th year with more than 20 million copies sold, Daily Guideposts is a trusted companion, helping readers to live and grow their faith every day. Every year since 1977, Guideposts has published Daily Guideposts, a devotional guide containing short inspirational pieces to be read each day of the year. They are designed to bring readers closer to God and their faith by helping them to live fuller, richer lives. Each piece offers a personal perspective on faith, love, inspiration, and understanding. With this year's theme of 'Growing in Love,' Daily Guideposts is tapping into a subject that is a key to spiritual growth. Each Daily Guideposts devotional includes: a short Scripture verse for reflection; a true, first-person anecdote that shares the ways God speaks through ordinary life events; a brief prayer to put the day's message to work in each reader's life. By taking a few minutes each day for reflection, Daily Guideposts readers will become more aware of the spiritual richness in their lives.
I grew up in church, so the name of Guideposts has been familiar to me my whole life. This book of devotionals lives up to its familiar name. Guideposts has become synonymous with quality in materials for prayer and reflection, and this book is no exception. The Introduction tells me that the theme for this collaborative effort is "Growing in Love." Each day in the book is one page, with a Bible verse at the beginning and a short prayer at the end, with a true, first-person narrative in between. Each month is preceded by a lovely black-and-white photograph of a lighthouse, with a Bible verse somewhere in the picture. The end of each month has a blank section titled "Seeds of Love" in which the reader can record something God has been doing in his or her life on one line for each day of that month. The end of the book contains a section titled "Fellowship Corner," which lists all of the fifty-five contributors for this devotional, complete with pictures of the people and their thoughts of the past year.
I can really appreciate the collaborative effort put into this book, as each devotional is unique and well thought out. The various viewpoints of the different writers are quite interesting, especially since I know they can all be depended on to believe in and write about the Word of God. While I obviously have not read through every page in this devotional since the time I received it from the publisher, I plan on continuing to use it in the coming new year as part of my personal time with Jesus.

The Cover: A beautiful lighthouse nestled among the rocks has always been a great symbol of the Christian faith, plus the stickers lets the reader know that this book has been 35 years in the making.

*I received this book free of charge from the publisher for review purposes.*


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