Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Can't Surprise a Virgo

My lovely hubby dearest tried valiantly to surprise me with this monstrous, multi-part contraption called the Bullet Express Trio for my cooking, baking, and juicing pleasure, but as he often says, You Can't Surprise a Virgo.

I had been annoying him for months that I needed a food processor so that I could prepare baby food for our baby girl, Shiloh. When I had to stay with Shiloh in the Edmonton hospital for a week, poor hubby ended up in the hospital back home for 3 days, doped  up on pain killers and antibiotics! And since most hospital rooms come with television sets, and hubby could do nothing but stare at the tv screen, his channel surfing produced a very convincing ad for this little product that could do it all: chop, mince, mix, puree, juice, slice, crush, shred, and even make dough. While I have often warned him off ads on tv, he apparently becomes very "generous" when doped up, as we have learned from this experience! So the man orders this thing from the hospital phone no less!
A week and a half later I find the notice in our P.O. Box for the mysterious package and I go and inquire about it at the front desk, thinking that I was getting another book. Instead I'm shown a mammoth box with the words "Bullet Express" on one side and "8 Minute Meal Machine" on the other. Since the box is too big for me to walk home with, I leave the box behind for hubby to retrieve. When I ask hubby dearest about it, he remains aloof and mysterious, still trying desperately to hang on to his surprise, so I obliviously hit up Google with the search words from the box and ruin the surprise!
So hubby fetched the box this morning, and I immediately made carrot juice for him and orange juice for myself! Yum! Needless to say, I am very happy with the purchase, surprise or not, and I will be spending lots of time experimenting with all of its features.


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