Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guest Post: Senator, Mine and Druid, Mine by Kerry Adrienne

Today's guest post is Kerry Adrienne, author of the books Senator, Mine; Druid, Mine; and Pharoah, Mine. Kerry holds a BA in English: Writing and Editing with a minor in Classical Studies from NC State University. She has extensive freelance editing experience, and teaches various fiction writing classes at a local college. She is an Associate Editor with Entangled Publishing. In addition to editing, Kerry writes science fiction, romantic fantasy, and paranormal romance.

Kerry is here today to talk about inspiration. Take it away, Kerry!

          Where does inspiration come from? Have you ever wondered? Jonah Lehrer (neuroscientist who wrote the book Imagine) says, “…these moments emanate from a certain part of the brain. Creativity corresponds to a steady rhythm of alpha waves emanating from the brain’s right hemisphere. And that is stimulated by relaxation.” Relaxation? I can do that (well, sort of). I definitely get my best ideas right before I fall asleep, or in the shower, or driving my little convertible. If I *try* to have an idea, my brain just shuts down.
Don’t you wonder where all the idea-getters are getting their inspiration? Are they more relaxed than the rest of us? Do they take ten showers a day? I mean, come on, whoever invented the Snuggie is a genius (not really).
And does this method of relaxing so that Alpha waves predominate also work for scientists? Architects? Should the best companies have spas on-site so that the employees can go relax and have million-dollar ideas?
It’s definitely important to think and plan—even when not relaxed—but I am thinking a hammock on a nice beach somewhere would be a great place to be inspired. I wonder if I could write it off on my taxes?
How about you? How do you get inspired?

I've never really self-examined where I get inspiration from - possibly dreams, or things I've seen while web-surfing, or even just waiting for the images to come while daydreaming, not having much time for the latter. I find the ideas often come faster when I am under pressure!


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