Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guest Post: Go With the Flo by Lillian Grant

Today's guest is Lillian Grant, author of Go With the Flo. Here is a blurb about her new book:
          Nineties girl Florence Spring joined Avon to find her Edward Scissorhands but instead needs to rescue his porno alter ego.
When Florence notices her eccentric ex-boyfriend, Eddie, isn't putting on his usual show in the front window on Friday night she decides to investigate. She asks her best friend, Nelson Tyler, to help but he seems more interested in seducing Florence than in finding her personal flasher. Florence has no idea when she embarks on the adventure she will accidentally shoot an undercover policeman, or that her actions will lead to Nelson's kidnapping. Now with two men missing she has no choice but to continue and thwart the plans of a psychotic soon to be divorcee. She needs to rescue Nelson because life without him is unbearable, especially since she's discovered his long sensitive fingers are far more erotic than scissorhands.
Take it away, Lillian!

                                                       Bad Boys and Motorbikes
I don’t know about you but I love to read books with bad boys that ride motorbikes. There is something sexy about a man with something hard throbbing between his thighs. Maybe it’s the idea of taming the beast within or, as one of my heroines says, riding on the back of a motorbike is the closest thing to sex you can get with your clothes on. I grew up on the back of a bike. From the time I could wrap my little arms around the waist of my uncle I rode pillion. My helmet was bigger than I was and back in the day the thought that a child might not belong on the back of a bike hadn’t really been considered. So, I know the reality of riding a bike is a long way from the fantasy and yet I have written more than one book with a bike riding bad boy hero.
In my latest story, Go With the Flo, my heroine is the sort of girl to jump into any situation without considering the consequences. Fortunately for her bad boy Nelson is her best friend and is ready to ride to her rescue. He may not say much and she may have no idea how he really feels about her, despite the kiss they shared under the mistletoe at her grandmothers Christmas in July party, but when she decides to play amateur detective Nelson is the one person she knows she can rely on. When her quest to find her missing ex-boyfriend and personal flasher leads to Nelson being snatched it is Florence who has to ride the bike and rescue the man who she finally realizes is so much more than a friend. So, does that mean as well as a bad boy hero I have a bad girl heroine? I am sure Nelson hopes so.

While motorbikes will never be my thing, I do understand the appeal of bad boys. Thank you for stopping by, Lillian!


April Vine said...

Hi there :)

I love the sound of Go with the Flo!! Can not wait to read it! And I like all my boys bad :)

Good luck. Wishing you lots of success!

Rosanna Leo said...

This book sounds so exciting! I love Lillian's sense of humor and it clearly comes out well in this book too. Congrats Lillian!

Lillian Grant said...

Thank you ladies.

And thanks for letting me guest blog.

Best wishes

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