Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Post: Change by Soraya Lane

Today's guest is Soraya Lane, author of Change. RT award winning author Soraya Lane describes being an author as a dream come true. An avid book reader and writer since her childhood, Soraya now divides her time between writing, being a mom and caring for the many animals on her small farm in New Zealand.
In addition to young adult fiction, Soraya also writes contemporary adult romance for Harlequin Mills & Boon.

Welcome Soraya, and take it away!

                                        What Makes a Book a ‘Keeper’?
Everyone has different criteria for deciding a book is a ‘keeper’. For me, I’m reluctant to get rid of books at all, especially since I’ve had a wall-to-wall bookshelf custom built for my office!! But I must say that some books just don’t work for me, and those ones usually find their way to a local fundraiser or book fair. I always feel guilty, because I know that the author has put a huge amount of work into their story, but for me there’s no point keeping a book that doesn’t have great memories.
For me personally, my favorite books get the best placement in my new bookcase. I like to be able to glance across when I’m at my desk and look at the books I love, and the real “keepers” for me are those I can remember details about, as well as the names of the main characters.
One of my favorite authors is Nalini Singh, and I can tell you right now that I’ll never, ever forget the names of the characters I love from her books! Just the names “Hawke & Sienna” send a shiver down my spine, as do “Elena and Raphael”. If you’ve read her books you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
So how about you? What makes a book a “keeper” for you? Is it the characters themselves?
For more information about my books, I’d love you to visit me at my website, or connect with me on Twitter @Soraya_Lane. I often do giveaways of my latest releases, and Twitter is the best place to find me!

Thank you for stopping by, Soraya. I'll have to check out Nalini Singh for myself!


Soraya Lane - Romance Author said...

Hey, thanks for having me! I forgot to post earlier when I checked the post out :)


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