Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review: A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

Book Details:
A Perfect Blood
By Kim Harrison
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published 2012, Harper Voyager
Hardback, 438 pages
ISBN: 9780061957895

          Ritually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincinnati, terrifying amalgams of human and other. Pulled in to help investigate by the FIB, former witch turned day-walking demon Rachel Morgan soon realizes a horrifying truth--a would-be creator is determined to make his (or her) own demons. But it can't be done without Rachel's blood, in this latest blockbuster by a "New York Times"-bestselling author.
Harrison pulls off another stellar installment in the Hollows series, a book I could hardly put down for anything. Rachel Morgan's drama expands to epic proportions with the threat of HAPA, an underground organization that is working to eradicate all non-human species. Combine that with Rachel's neutered magic thanks to Trent's bracelet, and it's a catastrophe waiting to happen. My frustration at Rachel's indecision is near constant from cover to cover, and that is just with the bracelet situation.
Rachel's romantic interest is also in limbo, as she ignores her attraction to Trent and bickers with her new bodyguard, Wayde - yet another source of frustration. Meanwhile, romance buds for both Ivy and Jenks, and secrets hover in the periphery, such as Glenn's personal motivations and the identity of the vampire Felix. The subplots provide nice diversions to the main one, and will expand in the next book in the series certainly.
The introduction of HAPA to the series also adds some backstory to the history prior to the beginning of the series as to the revealing of the inderland species, which I appreciate. Once upon a time, HAPA was much more vocal about their hatred for the inderlanders, and now it seems they have a much greater presence than previously assumed. This provides much fodder for plot possibilities!
I also rather enjoyed the interactions between Al and Trent's family at the end of the book. Personally, I think Harrison could turn Al into a very good dad - and children could be the key to truly taming him. Just keep writing, Harrison!

The Cover: The cover is vague, but tantalizing, and still fits in with the theme of the current plot.

First Line: "The woman across from me barely sniffed when I slammed the pen down on the counter."
As always, I love the snark and humor that Harrison's book brim with from the first page.

Favorite Quote: "They forget we need to see the outcome of pain before we willingly put ourselves through it. How else would we suffer nine months to have a beautiful child? We already know we have guts."

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