Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guest Post: City of the Gods by S. J. McMillan

Today's guest is S.J. McMillan, author of City of the Gods: The Descendant. Here is a quick blurb of the book:

          700 A.D. Teotihuacan, Mexico – The High Priest believed himself to be as powerful as the Gods and set a plague on the city as a demonstration of his power. The Gods took pity on the few remaining survivors and granted each immortality and an extraordinary ability. Three of these survivors were given a mission of great importance: train the lone human descendant of their civilization to stop the evil priest from damning the rest of humanity.
2012 A.D. San Diego, California – The time has come to make Katalina Deckard aware of her destiny. Her life has been a constant struggle since the loss of her parents when she was young, but has it prepared her to save the world? Can her friends, who have survived so long, convince her she has what it takes to accept the mantle of Redeemer?

Take it away, S. J. !

                                              Why I Write… By: S.J. McMillan

In doing interviews I’ve noticed many ask the question how I got started writing, or what inspired me to write. In all honesty, life inspired me to write. Back in school, I was shy and kept to myself, with the exception of the few close friends I did have. I also kept many of my feelings hidden away so no one could tell if I was angry or hurt. The best way to express the feelings I had was through writing. That’s when I started writing poetry. All the poems I’ve ever written start out dark and unkind, but always end in strength and hope. It’s my way of expressing my sadness, pain, or anger. But they also show I can, and will, overcome any obstacle, no matter how big or small.
I write for the simple joy of writing. It takes me back to the safe haven that my poetry took me to, but in a different way. I’m able to express myself easier through my characters. They say things in books I would never allow myself to say to someone here in the real world. My characters do things in my books that, in the real world, would get someone killed and someone thrown in prison. I’m free to let my imagination run wild and I love every minute of it.
But I don’t just write books. I have a blog where I tell humorous stories about my family. I don’t do it to seek praise from an audience of strangers. I do it because someday I will want to go back, when I’m old and grey, and remember the wonderful times we had as a family. If I happen to bring a smile to a strangers face, then I’ve done my good deed for the day. I love to laugh, carry on, and have a good time. Writing about my family makes me feel good. Not to mention my kids love it. They’re constantly asking me to blog about something they did or said. It’s very cute.
The only time I don’t like to write is when it takes time away from my family. I don’t like telling my kids, ‘Mommy’s busy. She can’t listen to you explain what lightening bugs eat because she’s writing. You can tell her tomorrow.’ The looks on their faces breaks my heart. I schedule my writing around my family. I’ll wait until the kids to go bed to hop on the computer to write, even if it’s only for the five minutes I get in between their bed time and the husband/wife time that me and the hubster make sure we get.
I didn’t start writing to get rich or famous, because that’s really not very likely. I started writing a story. I wanted to get published to share that story. I’ll continue to write until all the stories floating around in this head of mine finally silence, and because writing is my addiction. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you for having me today. I appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed.

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