Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad Poetry

My blogging has been more irregular than usual lately, due to stress of pregnancy and other family-related problems. Sometimes when I am stressed and can't find anyone to talk to, I write bad poetry, one of those habits I never lost from my school days. This is what came out this morning. As today is "Family Day" in Canada, I suppose it would be an ironic title for this:

Happy Family Day

Oh the madness
children shrieking
husband monologuing
about my memories
can't think
can't write
the noise takes over
the sounds fill the spaces
it is all distraction
the dishes calling
morning sickness plaguing
it all fails
use more noise against the noise
more distraction against the crazy
focus refracts and head spins
impossible concentration
a deficit of attention
a deficient of control
what to do
how to control
make it stop
still the noise
quiet the crazy
empty the silence
my voice is lost
I am gone.


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