Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven by Kevin & Alex Malarkey

Book Details:
The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven
By Kevin & Alex Malarkey
Genre: Christian Non-fiction
Published 2010, Tyndale House Publishers
Hardback, 224 pages
ISBN: 9781414336060

          In 2004, the author and his six-year-old son, Alex, were in a horrific accident that left Alex paralyzed. When Alex awoke from a coma, not only had the most severe of his spinal injuries been healed without medical intervention, but he had an incredible story to share of entering heaven and meeting Jesus.
I find I don't even really want to critique this book, so much as praise everything about it. The trauma that Alex endured in his accident was unbelievable, yet God decided he should live as a testament to God's miraculous power - and that is exactly what this book serves as. Furthermore, I also drew wisdom from the attitude of Alex's grandpa - that someone else is always in worse circumstances than I am, as well as the many excerpts from Kevin's pastor Robin Ricks, who provided a unique perspective filled with Biblical references.
The pictures in the middle of the book helped to give me a visual reference for what the Malarkey family endured, and the many quotes from others that were present as each event described in the book also helped to give a well-rounded view of all that was occurring.
What I loved most of all was how concerned Alex was that everyone realized that this was not about him, but about God. I find that I completely agree with one of the women in the book when she explained that she just could not feel sorry for this blessed boy. I also found it interesting that at one point Alex explained that he saw Don Piper in heaven, too, who wrote the book 90 Minutes in Heaven. Kevin showed the man's photo to Alex, to which Alex responded that he only saw him there for hour and half - so I will be reading that book next!
This book really was amazing to read. From everything I have learned about heaven from the Bible, I can't help but believe that the story this boy and his father tells is true. Reading about how each detail of their lives is watched over and taken care of with miraculous results can only give me hope in my own life and circumstances.

The Cover: The cover is simple, with the silhouette of a boy in a wheelchair against the background of angels' wings - very lovely.

First Line: "We were made for so much more than the things of this world."
I love this opening, because it is exactly what I believe about mankind.

Favorite Quote: "And so the real question is not, What is it like to be in a wheelchair? The question is, What is God like when you're in a wheelchair?"

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*I received this book free of charge from the publisher for review purposes.*


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