Saturday, April 21, 2012

T-shirt Crafting Experience

So this is totally not book-related, but I can blame a book (loosely) for leading me down this path. The key chain pictured I just finished, though the design is actually a bracelet, made out of cut up t-shirt. I got the idea through Pinterest at this site: Pinterest is addictive, I warn you. I already have 521 pins and counting. It's like bookmarking with pictures for OCD websurfers (like myself).
So anyways, what led me to this t-shirt crafting experience is when I read about Amish rag rug making in Abby Finds Her Calling, and I got curious and looked it up. Turns out it's really not that difficult and is a great way to "upcycle" old clothing, plus the rugs come out beautifully. I'm still working on my first rug, and I'll likely post a picture of it when I'm finished with it. But then, I wondered what else I could do with cut up t-shirts and found this bracelet and immediately though "Keychain!"
On a side note, I have also discovered that a form of rag rug making can be done with crochet techniques. I have since bought a book with Swagbucks-purchased Amazon gift cards - Teach Yourself Visually Crochet - and I'm currently bidding on for crochet hooks and yarn. I'm getting obsessed, I think.

Anyone looking to part with some crochet hooks and yarn?


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