Friday, October 21, 2011

Hop for Books

It's Friday, which means the Book Blogger Hop at Crazy For Books. So welcome to all of my new visitors and followers, take a look around and enjoy your stay.  Check out my latest reviews of Bite Club by Rachel Caine and Chocolat by Joanne Harris, and be sure to enter the Pumpkin Roll giveaway for an iPad2 before you leave!

Question of the Week: “What is your favorite type of candy?”

Oh, do I really only get to pick just one?? I'm a huge chocoholic, and I never cared much for any candy that did not have chocolate, though I could tolerate Skittles. My favorites as a kid were Three Musketeers and Peanut M&Ms, oh and those Snocaps I could get at the movie theater. As an adult, I crave anything with dark chocolate, and those new mint Three Musketeers are divine. I remember at university, one campus store stocked white chocolate Kit Kats that I bought every time I went in there, and then I'm forgetting Hershey's Cookies & Cream bars that I sometimes buy when I grocery shop by myself and gobble down before I get home! Okay, I need to just stop now before I drool all over my keyboard. No cavities for me, either.

These are the blogs I have discovered through the Hop:

1. Butterfly Feet Walking on Life
2. Fluidity of Time
3. Word Up, Nerd Up
4. Mystical Delights
5. Yes, I Am a Book Geek! (And a Foodie, Too!)


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hi, new follower here :) love your blog.

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