Saturday, February 13, 2010

Internet Find: DailyLit

While searching the web for ways to get books for free (to blog about of course) I came across the website DailyLit. What a gold mine! The concept of DailyLit is that you sign up to receive sections of one or more books from the database to appear in your email inbox or rss feed once a day for as many days of the week as you like. The database has tons of classics, as well as books to teach you a foreign language, and even themes from Wikipedia. Since I plan to read several classics this year, this was a perfect way to slog through them without feeling like I am dragging my heels. The bite-size chunks are much more manageable and if I feel up to reading more, I can get the next segment with the click of a button. I spend lots of time at my computer already, and sparing 5 minutes to read the day's segment is incredibly convenient. The site is 100% free, but you can participate in the sponsorship program to make books available for free. I have already started Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and I have 37 segments in all to get through. I wonder how many segments Vanity Fair has...

What books would you like to read through this tool?


FeliciaE said...

oooo I am so going to do this!! I have a list of 501 books to get through!

Next on my list is rereading Charles Dickens Great Expectations, Frankenstein and Dracula...three of my all time favoites. Then its on to Crime and Punishment.

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